Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Something old, something new......

Here we are upon the holiday season again. I have worked for a jewelry store in the mall for 15yrs, and quite frankly, I am burned out. It is a different world in jewelry from 15 yrs ago, and I suppose that happens with most everything. I still LOVE jewelry and always will, but I think I am ready for a change.

With that being said, I think I may have found my niche (maybe I have been crafting for as long as I can remember along with photography (this is my one true passion). I opened my Etsy store in March of this year and a few short months later, my Zibbet store. I have also begun selling my old odds and ends on eBay. Fortunately, eBay has been selling some of my loved, but no longer needed "things". Etsy has sold a few things, and unfortunately, Zibbet, none. I am hearing I am not alone in my Zibbet situation.....I will just keep promoting, and spreading the word.

I have 2 new ventures in addition to the online stores (as if I am not busy enough with that AND a family!) I have been dabbling in portrait photography which I have been having an amazing time doing!!! I have been "practicing" with friends and family, and now have my first PAID job! I am SO excited! It is a maternity shoot. I have not done this before, but am really excited to try something new!

The other new venture is being a substitute clerical worker and substitute lunch/recess aide at the girls' school. I have been having a GREAT time working there! This is an amazing school! It is like one BIG, crazy family. But, then who's family isn't crazy! Lol!! The kids are so much fun! They definitely keep you on your toes! Something is always going on......from cuts to fights to vomiting to drama! It is similar to what I do at the jewelry store.....just a different crowd! lol!

Anyway....enough is enough....I will post about my Sunday night photo shoot next week.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Calder's Farm and Dairy

I took the girls to a local dairy today.  We had a fabulous time!  The video above shows to girls feeding calves.  What a cool experience!  There was a calf that was born this morning.......he was super cute!

So many animals live on the farm.  There are horses, ponies, cats, cows, pigs (regular and pot bellied), peacocks, goats, donkeys, and on and on.  The general store offered pond food and goat food for sale.  We ended up buying 5 bags of pond food and a bag of goat food.  The ducks, geese, and swan were a BLAST to feed!  They surrounded us, ran through our legs, and demanded food! The girls were a little freaked out at first, but relaxed after a little bit.

Calf feeding is at 3pm daily, and we arrived around noon.  Needless to say, we had some time to kill.  We wandered around, checked out the barn, milking area where we ran into an employee.  The girls had  asked me a question earlier about how the ears are tagged, so we asked this great young lady.  She told them that it is similar to us getting our ears pierced, but they have it done as soon as they are born.  She then showed us another area with calves, and she told us there was a calf just born this morning.  He was SUPER cute along with the others!!!  We kind of hung out around there because there were a lot of people waiting to feed calves, and this area was off the beaten path.  Another family came over and was asking questions, and I overheard her telling them that they couldn't feed these calves as they were too young.  They were shuttled off to the other area with the older calves.  When they were gone, I approached the young lady, and asked her if we needed to go to the other area to feed the calves.  I could see the wheels turning, and she told us to hang tight, and we would be able to feed the tiny babies!!!  SO cool!!!  We fed 4 of the calves, and then followed her to the other calf area.  I made the girls stand at the end of the line to feed since they had just fed 3 calves (I fed one!)  They got to feed another 2 babies (the video at the top).

All in all, it was a fantastic day!  We collected some feathers for our scrapbook, and of course had a scoop of ice cream!

If you live close by, it is worth the trip.  It is completely free to get in, pet the animals, feed the calves, and watch the cows be milked.  The only thing you pay for is treats for you and the other animals.

Calder Farm Visit

This pony LOVED Olivia's shirt!

Feeding the ducks, geese, and swan.

Wait a minute!  That's not waterfowl!  Lol!!  This little guy was quite the character!

The lone swan......

The roosters were crowing to each other......they girls thought this was quite annoying.....

Trying to sneak up on a cat.....(you can see him between their heads far off in the background)....they were as sneaky as a herd of elephants!  Never got to pet that cat!  :(

We stumbled upon this big guy.  I am pretty sure it is a pot belly pig.  He could care less we were there.....

We went over the check out the "teenagers" and this even BIGGER pig was having a snack!

Yup......that's Thanksgiving Dinner!!!  ;o)

This is the calf that was born this morning!  Such a cutie!!!

These calves were 3 and 4 days old.

These are the older calves.....and the girls with our new friend.

This is Bingo......she was waiting to be milked.